May 18

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The New Inquiry: It Gets Worse



By Malcolm Harris

The dissonance between the two poles, between puppy and wolf, altar boy and Rosemary’s baby, is the heart of Odd Future’s sound

Since Roland Barthes published his landmark 1967 essay “The Death of The Author,” critics have been loathe to drag writers themselves…

I wonder if I’ll ever tire of dudes academically explaining away rape apology. But yeah, if threatening your critics with rape is actually a COMMENT on disenfranchisement, then probably I’m a racist.

Add this article to the growing pile of weak academic apologism. A chore to read. If your whole public and artistic persona is based on actively shitting on oppressed people at EVERY opportunity that presents itself, you should be held accountable. Artists have a right to manifest whatever they want to in their art, but this writer ignores that the market has long been predisposed to rewarding misogynistic, homophobic, time-tested “rebellion” from straight men. If you reap the benefits of society’s existing impulse to glorify the hatred of oppressed people, maybe you should step back and question your motivation to “comment” and how you frame that comment. Accountability doesn’t fly out the window just because everything in a creative work is branded as one big pomo meta-comment by some undergrad. I’m sick of people who invoke Barthes to derail legitimate criticisms of authorial decisions. So if I run through the street screaming incendiary things at people and reciting Tyler’s Twitter feed out loud, complete with threats of rape, I’m somehow the unaccountable product of our society’s failures? I originally placed a moratorium on posts related to stupid people who make tepid work, but after the (four!) hatemail messages I received telling me I’m a “fascist,” and this writer’s assertion that this work is “political,” I couldn’t resist. Yeah, Skrewdriver were political too. See how they turned out!

A good scorcher is often worth a read, yes? The above has a few good zingers. And the quote you put up by Tyler, The Creator begs the response above, I think. But, I must confess, when I read that kinda talk, I usually think, “Oh, how boring”. I mean, if Tyler really means it, perhaps he should rap about raping men (and enjoying the sex as much as the violence). Or maybe he could call his next record, “I’m Gay”. That stuff, too, can be fiction, right? Now I’ll stop.

(Source: thenewinquiry, via hyperbody)

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