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CVdazzle, a fashion movement designed to distort your facial features allowing you to hide in plain sight from electronic surveillance cameras.  Hello cyber-fashion.

CV Dazzle opposes the mainstream push towards the widespread adoption of face recognition in order to protect privacy. As the usefulness and popularity of facial recognition grows in commerce and security (currently it’s the fastest growing sector of biometrics ), so will the value of privacy. The objective of CV Dazzle is to adapt to our new environment and explore ways of communicating with machines to control our privacy in public.”


you guys this looks like some serious capital fashion to me

that is some pretty dodgy hair.  I’m into this “mimicking butterflies and their fake eyes” makeup, though.  NATURE IS CULTURE

This is it guys, someone finally came up with a practical reason for everyone to start dressing like the future. We’ll put pixels on our faces and all have precision cut assymmetical hair because surveillance technology.

I agree though, we need to work on the haircuts. No rave culture in my techno-dystopia, please.

I must confess that I think that my techno-dystopia might exactly be big on the rave culture, especially if an extreme sports loving neo-hippy rave culture.

(via tanacetum-vulgare)

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